Vital Things To Consider When Relocating To A New House

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To help keep things under control it’s useful to designate a packing room. Choose a spare bedroom or a study and try to pack that room first, then you can use this room to store boxes so you don’t trip over them. even if you arrange for a removals service to pack for you, it would be very useful to have a room to store valuables, documents and personal items that you’re going to take with you. Organization is the key to a successful packing day.

Arrange a babysitter for your children and a kennel for your pets. Young children can sometimes be left with neighbors or relatives, but older children may want to be involved which often proves to be a positive experience for them. Moving can sometimes be difficult for a child so participating gives them a sense of involvement. Contact your utility supplier for your gas, electric, telephone and cable to arrange disconnection and reconnection dates.

Check that the staff of your work and of your children’s school know your dates of transit, be sure to ask in advance for an adequate number of vacation/holiday days you need, to settle you and your family into your new home. If your children are switching schools make sure that their records have been forwarded to your new school.

Set aside essential documents you’ll be carrying such as passport and insurance papers, the last thing that you want is to be running around looking for your passport the day of your flight. Carry all valuables yourself.

You may also be getting a little nervous or nostalgic for a creaky door or a lock that sticks but there’s still a long way to go here’s another few things to check off your list. Confirm your arrangements with the movers so everyone knows where and when to be. Military precision is not called for but feel free to synchronize your watches. Make arrangements for paying the movers either cash money order or certified check, they may agree to invoice your employer if your company is paying for the move. Just remember to make all arrangements in advance.

Plan your meals for the week and only buy essential ingredients so you don’t have to throw any more food away. Try to use up any frozen items. Canned foods, canned tuna and frozen waffles may be a weird dinner but hey, better than letting it go to waste. Alternatively, invite some friends over for a truly potluck dinner!

Begin to collect everything you need for a personal travel suitcase. By the time you’re finished this should contain everything you need for the last couple of nights in your old home, any travel days and the first couple of nights in your new home. You’ll probably want one for each person containing toiletries, a good book, a few changes of clothes and some PJs. More Info .

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