Hack to great professional services firm website

A firm is only deemed professional if the work they deliver is professional. Sometimes even the professionals themselves require guidance as to how to handle their firm. A good firm that wants a great online reputation should always consider having a good website. Getting a good website is important for many reasons including online presence and showcasing expertise to potential clients.

Professional services is a big category, and one that can encompass lots of different specialties. One thing all professional firms have in common, however, is the need for an impressive website that helps attract new clients.

While some of the things that make a website stand out will be unique to a particular business or field, here are four things that make a professional services website stand out:

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The main aim of a professional firm’s website is to deliver engaging and fresh content to visitors and potential clients. These contents could also include articles, news or white papers related to the firm’s activities.

The 3 P’s of a Professional Service Firm’s Website

Perspective. People. And, Past Experience. The 3 P’s, as we like to call them, are the framework we use to think about the content and basic functionality of a modern website for a professional services firm. While the framework itself is fairly straightforward, how you think about each of its components has important implications on how you design your site, the technology you use to drive it, and your long-term content strategy. This article takes a look at each of the 3 P’s, shares a few examples of firms who are getting it right, and takes a look at the important connectivity between each.

Why the 3 P’s?

Tom Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market and Former CMO of Strategy& said to me once that “marketing a professional services firm is really about putting the right person, with the right expertise in the right place at the right time.” While clients may introduce all kinds of barriers to their selection process, that statement largely captures the essence of the client’s need and the marketer’s challenge, doesn’t it? For instance, a potential client could be thinking:

We need someone to design and build a new oncology center at our hospital in Oklahoma City and we need it fully functional by Spring 2016.”

    “We’d like to expand the production output of our existing manufacturing facility in Cleveland by 20% without expanding the facility or significantly growing production staff.”

In both scenarios, the client is expressing a need in relationship to expertise, experience, location, and timing. Ultimately, the 3 P’s encapsulates the most critical essence of what’s on the client’s mind (at least in the context of a firm’s website):

    Does this firm have the expertise I need?

    Do they have demonstrable experience solving problems similar in nature to mine?

    Do they have an existing or unique perspective about problems or projects like mine?

    Do they have people on staff who’ve dealt with similar challenges or projects before?

    Do they look like people we could work with or would be interested in working with?

The hard work comes in delivering all 3 aspects through the web experience in a way that is comprehensive, yet elegant and compelling.

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Website designing has been around for a long time and thus there are many ways of designing. These days no website looks like the other web designers are coming up with ideas every day to make website look unique and stunning to visitors. However even with the much uniqueness and stunning a professional website design should be oozing professionalism the minute a visitor logs in. A badly designed website can easily scare away visitors from the firms activities as it gives the impression the firm itself is whack at the service they give based on the website looks.

Whether you work for a legal firm, an insurance agency or financial or employment services firms, your business is built on building personal connections. Too often, professional services firms have websites that are just a static brochure with no built-in ability to engage with their visitors. Unleashed Technologies has worked with a variety of professional services firms to transform their sites into engaging platforms that drive the one-to-one connections that drive business.

Source : https://www.unleashed-technologies.com/experience/website-design-for-professional-services