How To Make Moving Easy For Your Dog

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Moving with pets can be tricky. It does not matter that you are moving across country or just to a new place in your same town; the general sense of change in their surroundings will feel the same to your pets. Everyone knows that animals are very territorial, and they feel stress just as much as humans do. They are experts at reading the body language of their owners and can easily pick up on that . They can sense the anxiety and strain that is typical during the moving process. So all this change in their routines and upheaval will make them confuse and anxious. So how to make moving easy for them? We have some suggestions for you.

Keep calm: you have to keep your calm. Do not act out in front of your dog. If you will worry too much and panic, then soon enough that stress will pass onto your dog. Then he will show its own signs of anxiety. You will have to do your best to remain calm and happy during the moving. Try to focus on the positives of the move, like think as a chance to explore a new city or more space. If its impossible for you then it is better to leave your dog at a friends house until your move is complete.
Plan ahead: check the local laws about pets, some areas and sometimes property owners dont allow certain breeds.

Find a new vet: when you are final about your new house. You must find a new vet in that area. In addition, to avoid any bad situations, try to get your dog familiar with him even before moving.

Micro chipped: so many times, we hear about dogs getting lost during the move. To avoid such horror it is best to have an ID tag on the pets collar and have your veterinarian microchip the dog for permanent identification.

Prepare your dog: you must remember how your dog gets anxious when you pull out a suitcase. Put some boxes and suitcases out to prepare your dog. Therefore, that he doesnt associate these with you leaving. Also, if this is your first move crate train your dog. They usually love it after getting familiar. So it is best you start earlier with the training.

Get them familiar with new area: if you are moving across country or another city try to take your dog to the similar areas or playing same noises. However, if you are moving within your city, take your dog on walks to the park and neighborhood near to your new home. Get them familiar with area. It will reduce their anxiety, as it will not be a sudden change.

Adjusting in new home: treat your dog very patiently. Keep them on leash, as they dont know the house yet. Pet-proof your new place. You want a fresh start but to keep your dog calm, take something they love from the old home.

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