A Basic Guide To Fixing Leaking Showerheads

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Is your showerhead dripping? How do you feel? Do you consider the grating and galling sounds too much to bear? For most homeowners, dealing with a constant shower drip can be one of the most annoying things to ever happen inside of their bathrooms. A lot of people have been found to be easily annoyed by thee things. Most homeowners think that leaking showers are just minor issues. However, no matter how mundane they may be, they can actually drain down your resources as well as your finances.

Of course, it is always common practice to leave everything to the plumbers when anything happens to your drains and pipes. You may even be flipping the yellow pages right now and checking out the internet for some plumber details. However, you should stop there. Though hiring professional plumbers is always the best way to go when it comes to most plumbing issues, fixing your leaking showerheads may not require the help of one. As a homeowner, it is very much possible for you to ix leaking showers. All you need is a screwdriver, a brand-new washer from your local hardware store, and an adjustable wrench and you are good to go. This short article will serve as a basic guide to fixing leaking showerheads yourself provided that you have the tools just mentioned and have the time. However, if you dont, you might want to go back to flipping the yellow pages and find a professional plumber that you can hire.

Fixing leaking showerheads can be made possible if you have at least an hour to spare in getting into the root cause of the problem. Before fixing anything and probably most things in life, you always need to do some digging or assessment work to find out the main case of the problem that you have at hand. Usually, leaking showerheads may take place at the point where your showerhead and the pipe meet. It could also be that your showerhead is leaking because it is clogged. There are other reasons why your shower is leaking, of course. Even so, whatever the root cause, make sure to follow these tips to avoid making the situation worst.

1. Remove your showerhead with or without the use of your trusted adjustable wrench.
2. Remove the rubber gasket found inside your showerhead and check its condition. If this particular part of your showerhead leaves some black residues on your hands, this means that you have to replace it.
3. By ensuring to get the right size, have the new part pushed into place. Place the ring flat inside of the assembly of your showerhead.
4. Make sure to use Teflon tape to make a couple of wraps around your pipe threads. Ensure that the direction follows that of your threads.
5. Thread your shower back into its place until you can determine that it is fairly tight.

Once you are done with the steps above, check to see if there are still leaks. If there are no leaks anymore, then you have done a good job. Meanwhile, if there are still leaks, you can unscrew and screw back the shower head again. If the problem still persists, perhaps calling back your trusted plumber is a good idea.

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