Some Factors To Consider Before An Ac Installation

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AC installation Fort Worth TX becomes necessary when you have to replace your old one or when you have a new house that needs the system. Before you embark on the installation process you need to have chosen a good contractor to provide the installation services for you. This doesnt mean however that you should be in the dark about the pricey investment you are about to make for your home. Air conditioners last for over a decade and therefore having the right one installed and installed in the right manner is imperative because you will have to live with it for long. Here are some considerations to put in mind to help you choose the best ac.

Load or size of the premises the output of the air conditioning unit depends on the BTU rating given. This is estimated from the size of the premises. For instance, an ac with a rating of 5000 BTUs is good for up to 150 square feet, 6000 BTU is good for 150 200 square feet of space and the figures increase to 800 900 square feet with a BTU rating of 25,000. Besides just the space there are also some other factors put in consideration to like the occupancy, high ceilings and large windows amongst others that will affect the air conditioning in the house.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) this ratio is very important to consider when you are purchasing a new ac for installation. This ratio indicates how much cooling the unit puts out for every unit of energy it consumes. The higher this ratio is the more effective the system becomes. Good ac units will have ratios of 13 and upwards but you can find those with even 20-25 SEER ratio which is very good. This keeps your energy bills on the minimum.

Ductwork before any installation is done you need to check on the ductwork that you have. The ductwork should be properly sealed and all the debris inside removed. The ductwork will determine how efficient the system will be. If the ductwork is leaking then the system will not perform optimally. If you do not have ductwork in your house you could have the ducts installed which is an expensive affair. To save on costs however you should go with a ductless air conditioner system. These are new systems that do not need ducts for flow of air in the house.

Energy efficiency incentives some states offer incentives when you decide to go with the green star rated ac units. You can benefit from very high SEER ac units with the state incentives and enjoy lower power bills in the long run.

When is the right time to buy? if you purchase your air conditioning unit in high seasons you will be required to pay much more than you would have if you bought the unit during winter. During winter the contractors have little work and therefore they might offer very good discounts of even up to 20% for a new ac installation.

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