How To Make Moving Fun

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Even though moving to a new place is exciting, its never easy, emotionally and physically both. Doesnt matter if you are moving with family or alone. But does it have to be always stressful? What if you can make it even little bit fun? You would love that right. Here are some creative ways and suggestions to do so.
Make up some games and competitions: you can make up games and competitions to add some fun to packing. You can also challenge others to win first and winner gets a reward as if they get to choose the restaurant for dinner or choose the dinner. This will uplift their spirit and productivity will be increased.

Play music: playing music is always fun. Its proven to add up to productivity and creativity without you even noticing it for centuries. It will help you with packing stuff specially clothes, going room to room, emptying wardrobes. Just play your favorite station on radio or songs on iPod. You will feel the change in your mood and might even spin a little.

Include kids: Ask your kids to pack their own stuff. Hide some surprises like candies or stickers in their rooms and clothes. They will be very happy and you will have more helping hands on deck in some fun way. You can let your kids to pick decorations for their rooms. In addition, you can hide some puzzle pieces in their boxes and they will unpack very happily saving you a lot of time.

Dress up: Mostly on moving day, we are in our old shirts and jeans. Do not do that, dress up for the moving day. Plan some funny shirts for everyone to wear or add some theme to your shirts. You can be superheros, Disney characters anything you like options are endless. Add some funny hats; take pictures that will make your day memorable in fun way.

Road games: plan lot of up to date games, fun puzzles, jokes and riddles for the road. This will keep you, family attentive, and lighten the mood.
Plan a celebratory meal: at the end of the day plan a meal and some dessert. Include everyones favorite or something that all of you love. It can be at your favorite restaurant or to go food. After that, watch a movie. You can also plan family game night or something you all would love to do after this tiring day.

Camping: before the movers arrive with your things .Camp with your kids or build a sheet castle in your living room. Your kids will love it. Just relax tell each other fun stories and enjoy that large empty space.
An unpacking party: throw an unpacking party. Invite your friends and family. Order some good food; open a fine bottle of wine. Play some music, make some dessert. Some people love to do arts and crafts. You can make so many fun things with all the cardboards. Make up some stupid and fun games. You will have lots of laughs and unpacking wont be hard and boring as it is always.

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