How Has Chimney Cleaning Evolved Over Time

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History of Chimneys goes back to the medieval period. The idea of using Chimneys was evolved in the western countries. Before that people used open fire to cook and to keep their houses warm during the night time of the winter seasons. But keeping an open fire inside the house was not safe as well as healthy. So gradually, the idea of using Chimney to carry out the smoke and dust to keep the interior of the house healthy was developed. Still many people used open fire places inside their houses. In England during 16th century timber supply was stopped and people had to use coal in place of wood. With the use of coal, having chimneys inside the houses became mandatory as coal smoke was not at all good for health. Moreover, it produced more dirt and soot. During this period, number of experimentation took place with the size and structures of the chimney. On the other hand, the increasing number of chimney user, gave birth to a new professionals called chimney sweeper or cleaner. Chimney cleaning thus became a profession until the innovation of central heating took place.

Chimney cleaning as a Profession in Western Countries:

With the increasing number of chimneys in the household, Chimney cleaning or Sweeping has become a profession. Generally, small boys were employed to brush clean the narrow chimneys. But it was not safe and often accidents took place due to suffocation. So many campaigns took place to ban this Chimney cleaning occupation where small boys were engaged. And at last, after many years of struggle, parliament of England passed the law in order to ban this dangerous occupation of using small boys as chimney cleaner.

Techniques of Chimney Cleaning:

After the ban, many chimney cleaning techniques were developed. And some of these techniques are very popular even today. Mr. Joseph Glass an engineer from Bristol is said to be the inventor of the modern Chimney cleaning equipment. He developed the cane and brush method of Chimney cleaning. Another method came from Europe which is known as brush, ball and rope method.

Modern methods of Chimney cleaning:

In due course of time many changes took place in Chimney cleaning methods. People now a day do not use coal fire to keep their houses warm. Techniques like central heating replaced the coal fire. But still chimneys exist in the household which need to be cleaned in a definite interval of time. Various kinds of brushes are available in the market to clean the chimneys. Professional chimney sweepers use vacuum and chemical cleanser also to clean the chimneys.

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