Drain Cleaning And Removing Clogs

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After a pipe leak repair, the next measure to take is to ensure the drain is cleaned. There are various options to solve this. One of these is by use of a drain cleaner. This is a chemical based product used in unblocking sewer pipes and aiding in prevention of clogging. Drain cleaners are categorized into two: mechanical or chemical.

Clean drains regularly to avoid clogging and the smell that comes with it. Clogging is built up by organic residue. Water may not drain properly and you have to fix up the problem. There are different methods you can use to get rid of all this mess.

How to Treat a Drain using a Biological Cleaner

Frequent cleaning of drainages gets you far from bad odour. The odour is caused by bacteria and mold. Biological cleaners are used to make the environment safe and friendly. Your septic system is made safer more than the chemical cleaners we have in the market. When you purchase them, directions on how to use them are usually supplied by the manufacturers and that gives you nothing to worry about.

How to Remove Bad Odour from Drainage

Did you know that white vinegar, hot water and baking soda are treatments to get rid of bad smell? Smell caused by bacteria build up, organic residue and grease can be removed by them. Boil some water then pour a half a cup of baking soda on down on the drainage. Add a half a cup of white vinegar. Let the solution for about 15 minutes. Then pour the boiling water down on the drainage. The vinegar and baking powder play the role of cleaning the stains on the area.

How to Remove Clogs

Plungers are well known for cleaning or unclogging the toilets. Plungers also work so well on clogging sinks. Use enough water to fill the sink in order to cover the drainage. To create a tight seal press the plunger tightly down. Close one of the drainages if you have the double sinks before plugging in. This creates a complete seal.

Using Water or Gas to Remove a Clog

You can blast out clogs using air or gas that is compressed. If you decide to use gas powered cleaners, make sure that the device is fixed properly. Using an adapter is necessary. The problem of not fixing it properly is that it can blast back on you. In case you went for water based, attach a garden hose. An adapter is essential in this process in order to attach it on the indoor faucet.

How to Maintain and Avoid Drains.

It is recommended that you should pour hot water once or twice a week on the kitchen sink. This aids in melting away fat or oil that may have attached it. Avoid disposing solid materials on the sink. A plumber will come in handy when you are unable to unclog your system.

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