Do You Want To Save Money? Simply Change This One Small Thing About How You Clean

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Most people enjoy a spotlessly clean home and there is also obviously no doubt in the fact that a clean home leads to a healthier life. Having said all that, the most obvious point of all is the fact that there is a cost that comes with keeping your home clean. The biggest expense that can fit into the cleaning expenses bucket is if you have a cleaner that comes and does your cleaning for you. As highly convenient as that is, the price is also high. Do you love cleaning? Maybe you do but I am the type of person who is not the type of person to say that I am the type of person who adores cleaning! In fact, far from it, I can think of another million things much more meaningful that I could be doing.

Nonetheless, the house still needs to be cleaned. Lets try at least to save some money while we do it, even if it just makes us feel as if we won, I got you house cleaning! So, how many products do we really need? Do we need one for every part of the house? One for the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, furniture, glass, tabletops? The cost can really add up. Put it this way, if you follow the advice of all the infomercials then yes, you need one for every single different task which would most certainly cause you to go broke! Most of them are very expensive and totally unnecessary.

Most of the time, 2 or 3 multipurpose cleaners are really all that you need to get the job done, or should I say jobs. What you will find is that a glass cleaner works wonders on the windows, glass tabletops, and also on stainless steel. A safe and sure way to make sure that you do not enter into any unwanted territory is to always read the labels of the products just to make you dont create any bad situations. For example, you would not want to use a cleaning product that is meant for glass on wood. That would do some damage to your furniture for sure.

From my experience, the biggest place I saved money was the floor. I stopped using a Swiffer mop because the replacement wipes were costing me a fortune. Yes, I know, they are so convenient but, its more laziness on our part than anything else. You can stop spending all that money on the Swiffer pads and instead buy a reusable microfiber mop from, that will last for many years, including the pads that come with it. The savings are off the charts! You will thank me later.

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