Claiming Insurance After Water, Smoke Or Fire Damage

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Insurance is important because it helps get you out of a situation that would almost get you bankrupt like fire damage . The expenses involved in the restoration of smoke and fire damage, disaster recovery and water damage can be inhibiting for most when they have to be paid in cash. Also replacing the contents of the house could also mean more expenses. Insurance helps to take care of these expenses after the insured kind of damage happens.

The most paid for home insurance is that against water damage. There is water in the house all the time and water damage can occur in many different forms. It can come from simple leaks from taps, faucets or household equipment, it could be from a burst pipe, a blocked drainage, floods and harsh weather conditions. Your policy might not cover all these but it should cover some. However even with the loyalty of paying your premiums most insurance companies will ask for proof beyond a reasonable doubt that they should honor your claims. The claiming process should therefore be approached with a lot of care so that you do not mess up your claim. Here is how to make your claim after water, smoke or fire damage.

Inventory all your damaged items ensure that all the items that are damaged are inventoried. Write the name of the item, the year when you purchased it, how much you purchased it for and the quantity that has been damaged. The insurance company will not pay for the entire amount claimed for because they will reduce depreciation. You should therefore make sure that you do not low claim. Most reputable restoration companies will also take pictures of the items that they have salvaged before they inventory them and the ones they have not been able to salvage and need to dispose off. The items that require to be thrown off should not be disposed before the claim is made. They should be kept aside until the insurance sends their adjuster.

Have the approval of your insurance company you should always have the approval of the insurance company before you embark on doing any repairs or rebuilding to your house. Some restoration companies do not accept insurance while some insurance companies only want to work with some restoration companies. The insurance company also comes to inspect the damage to determine what repairs will be needed and how much they are going to cost so they are not overcharged. Emergency repairs that would be necessary to protect you home can be done before the insurance company comes but ensure that you keep all the documentation to show what was done and the receipts.

Make the claim make the claim immediately to the insurance so that the claim process is kicked off in earnest. You should be able to get a document from your insurance company informing you whether your policy covers for the claims you have made. The document should also indicate the amount that the insurance is going to compensate you and why. Within five business days you should be able to receive your check for the claims made.

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