A Step By Step Guide To Handling Fire And Smoke Damage

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After a fire, you obviously expect some damage ranging from total to partial to have occurred in your property. Knowing how to handle the damage as well as what to expect is important if you want to make a quick recovery as well as save time. The best place to start would be on doing an analysis of the structure to get an idea of what can be salvaged and what will have to be thrown out. Depending on how long the fire burnt, you will have to find an efficient way of dealing with the accumulated soot from the burnt out structures. You should expect some discoloration in the areas that were only scorched and take measures on how best to return them to their previous condition.

You should never enter the premises without wearing protective clothing. The least you can wear is rubber gloves and a respiratory filter so that you do not end up inhaling the smoke or soot in the place. After you are in and confirmed that the building is stable and will not collapse on you, you have to open all the windows to let in the fresh air. Even if the roof caved in during the fire, you must open doors and windows for proper aeration. Bringing in a fan that you can have at the open windows will speed the process of getting in the clean air in the building.

You must then take account of the structures that need replacement and ones that will need some cleaning. You will find a sponge at the hardware or the cleaning section in stores that is very effective when it comes to cleaning out the soot that is stuck on surfaces. The best option is going for the one professionals use as it is bound to be most effective. You can then plan the cleaning from the top areas and begin the process by using a lot of water and soap. You must remember that there will be soot residue and the areas that did not get burnt will smell like smoke. Make sure every area is cleaned and that you do not leave out the cabinets and drawers.

After the cleaning has been done, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the finer details of soot. A high-resolution one is the best option because you want to clean and also filter the particles in the air. The filter can get easily overworked and you should clean it regularly to prevent this.

The clothes and beddings and other clothing that you manage to salvage must be cleaned with an alkaline solution to get rid of soot that will have settled on them. You should avoid doing this yourself but instead, have a professional do it for you as you might not be able to completely get rid of the smoke or soot on them. Finally, you can clean out the outer surfaces of the building so that the soot there does not continue its damage.

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