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Baker Hughes Announcement Could Be Good News

Last week, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of fracking chemicals said it would fully disclose the ingredients of its products. But Wyoming’s top oil and gas regulator says until he sees more information from Baker Hughes.

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Luca Seeks Wyoming Commission’s Approval
of Plan to Plug Wells

The chief operating officer of a bankrupt coal-bed methane farming company with about 1,350 wells in the Powder River Basin said most of them will get plugged if the state agrees to its proposal.

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Groundwater Testing Rule Passed

Yesterday the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission approved a new rule that will require companies to test groundwater around wells starting March 1, 2014. The new stipulation requires oil and gas operators to test water quality once before drilling and twice after drilling.

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Installation Starts Next Month on Pavillion Cisterns

Construction of cisterns and a loading station to provide safe drinking water for residents east of Pavillion is set to start in October. The state-funded project chose the Town of Pavillion as the water source and location of the filling site, officials announced Sept. 18.

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House Natural Resources Committee Blasts Federal Agencies in Casper Meeting

Four U.S. representatives from Western states accused federal agencies and environmental groups last week of using the Endangered Species Act to inhibit energy development, the agriculture industry and sportsmen throughout the country.

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State Regulators Have Weak Controls for Bad
Oil and Gas Operators

An oil and gas company operating in Wyoming was fined by the federal Office of Natural Resource Revenue for not submitting production reports. Turns out, the company has a history of poor behavior in the state, fiscally and environmentally.

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Wyoming Delegation: Exempt State From BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rules

Interior Secretary Jewell said in releasing the draft rules in May that federal rules for fracking on federal land are needed to reconcile a patchwork of state fracking rules. Yet, she has praised Wyoming’s rules

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Pavillion Report Could Be Released This Year

The report will be part of a larger effort to figure out the causes of groundwater contamination in Pavillion. The study will include a total of about 50 oil and gas exploration and production wells located within a quarter mile of 14 domestic water wells.

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Wyoming Regulators Cite Six Companies for Air Pollution

Among the violators cited between May 30 and June 5 was Denver-based Mak-J Energy. According to DEQ, the company built a gas production plant in Sweetwater County in 2008, but failed to apply for an air quality permit by the state’s March 2009 deadline.

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Wyoming Officials Unveil Pre-Drilling Water Testing Rules

Oil and natural gas producers could soon be required to conduct at least three sets of baseline water tests before and during the drilling and production of oil and natural gas wells in Wyoming.

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WOGCC Might Soon Conclude Supervisor Search

“I’m hopeful we can vet a couple of candidates, and I hope we can come to a point where we can make an offer,” said Ryan Lance, the state’s director of lands and investments and a commission member. “You can’t sit on qualified applicants very long.”

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Wyoming Can Lead by Example

Gov. Matt Mead deserves praise for taking a serious look at a tool that could help defuse the growing clamor about the risks of hydraulic fracturing. His office recently announced it was considering rules that would require companies test nearby water wells before they drill and, in the popular slang term for the practice, frack oil and natural gas wells.

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Groups Investigating Pavillion Water

The Pavillion Working Group met in Casper Tuesday afternoon to discuss progress on studies and technical investigations related to complaints of well contamination that residents blame on oil and gas drilling and production.

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Commission Re-Evaluates Confidential Oil
and Gas Wells

Operators seek the designation in order to protect profitable sites and production techniques. Interim Oil and Gas Supervisor Robert King says, the change will give citizens access to information about how oil and gas are extracted.

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