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Report Shows Coal, Natural Gas Remain Key Sources
of Energy

The Worldwatch Institute in Washington reports that global consumption of coal increased 5.4 percent in 2011, to 3.72 billion tons of oil equivalent, while natural gas use grew 2.2 percent, to 2.91 billion tons of oil equivalent.

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Four Injured During Fire at Gas Processing Plant

The men, who work for AltairStrickland, a mechanical contracting firm, were injured Wednesday morning while working at ConocoPhillips’ Lost Cabin gas processing facility in central Wyoming.

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Natural Gas Increases are Diminishing
Carbon Emissions

Natural gas from shale is rising, providing almost as much fuel for utilities as coal — but certainly trending higher. The result is fewer carbon dioxide emissions, notably less than in previous years, says the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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Unsafe Ozone Level in Southwestern Wyoming as Gas Booms

The EPA included the Upper Green River Basin in its list of areas nationwide exceeding an ozone standard set in 2008 during the administration of President George W. Bush. Wyoming until today was the only state where all counties had met the federal ozone limit.

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Regional News — Colorado State University in Fort Collins Establishes Natural Gas Initiative

The interdisciplinary course this spring features an introduction to the natural gas industry including geology, exploration, production, transportation and environmental issues. Increased demand for natural gas and greater public interest in drilling here in Colorado are big reasons why.

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Natural Gas Flaring Policy Set to Secure More Royalties on Wyoming Trust Lands

Top state officials and education advocates say a new natural-gas flaring policy is a “step forward” to securing more royalties for minerals on state school trust lands.

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Wyoming Board Approves New Natural Gas Flaring Policy

The decision means the State Board of Land Commissioners will now be involved in deciding whether state royalties should be charged on natural gas flared on state-leased wells.

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Encana Plans to Develop Massive New Gas Field

The largest natural gas producer in Wyoming is planning to develop the Moneta Divide field, with production beginning three to four years from now. It could eventually exceed the Jonah Field in Western Wyoming, according to a company spokesperson.

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Wyoming Wind and Coal Need Natural Gas Bridge

“One of the biggest hedges against the boom-and-bust cycles is adding value to our products,” Mark Northam, director of the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources, said at the same legislative committee meeting in June. Northam said coal-gasification is “a technology whose time has come, and it’s good for the state.”

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Behind Veneer, Doubt on Future of Natural Gas

One senior Energy Information Administration official describes an “irrational exuberance” around shale gas. An internal EIA document says companies have exaggerated “the appearance of shale gas well profitability,” are highlighting the performance of only their best wells and may be using overly optimistic models. From the NY Times

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Wyoming Legislators Support Plans for Lake DeSmet Plant

Members of the Joint Minerals, Business and Economic Development Interim Committee decided Tuesday to develop legislation to contribute toward the $5 million cost of a study to help with facility design.

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CEO: Natural Gas ‘Jump-Starting’ Clean Energy

Higher U.S. production of natural gas “is already jump-starting the transition to clean energy,” and there is no need to add mandates and subsidies for other technologies, Rowe said at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington on Tuesday.

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