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Wyoming May Act to Plug Abandoned Wells

Recent estimates have put the number of abandoned drilling operations in Wyoming at more than 1,200 and state officials are now trying to address the problem amid concerns from landowners that the wells could contaminate groundwater and are a blight on the land.

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Wyo. Petroleum Association Willing to Support Tax Hike for Tackling Orphan Gas Wells

The Petroleum Association of Wyoming is willing to support raising a special tax on oil and gas production to help pay for an ambitious plan to plug and clean up potentially thousands of orphan coal-bed methane wells in the Powder River Basin of northeast Wyoming.

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Wyoming Court Hears Fracking Chemical Disclosure Case

The state Supreme Court heard arguments in late November over whether a trade secrets exemption in Wyoming’s public records law may be invoked to shield from disclosure many of the chemicals the petroleum industry uses in hydraulic fracturing.

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Luca Seeks Wyoming Commission’s Approval
of Plan to Plug Wells

The chief operating officer of a bankrupt coal-bed methane farming company with about 1,350 wells in the Powder River Basin said most of them will get plugged if the state agrees to its proposal.

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Wyoming Lawmakers Frustrated by Lack of Orphan Well Action

Most of the abandoned wells belonged to companies that have gone out of business, and it’s up to the state to plug and reclaim them. There are about 1,250 orphan wells in the state, most of them coal-bed methane wells in northeast Wyoming’s Powder River Basin.

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Orphaned Oil and Gas Wells on the Rise in Wyoming

There are some 1,200 “orphaned” wells in Wyoming that have not been properly plugged and reclaimed, creating potential risks to the environment and human health, according to Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission data.

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Flaring, An Oil Producer Necessity, Falls Into Regulatory Gap

Infrastructure hasn’t kept up with the drilling. By the time some wells are active, there’s no line to transport gases associated with the basin’s oil, a much more attractive resource.

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Wyoming Threatens to Pull Coal-Bed Methane Permits

There are about 500 nonproducing CBM wells on state trust lands, Lance said. The wells are spread across about 200 leases held by 35 operators. The notices tell operators they have a year to bring the inactive wells back into production and compliance.

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Northern Portion of Niobrara Play Sees More Drilling Permits

A look at the latest data on drilling permits furnished by the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission shows that the industry is focused more on the northern section of the Niobrara than in or around Laramie County.

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Niobrara Production, Permitting on the Rise

“In the Powder River Niobrara play, we’ve finally cracked the code with numerous recent wells” into newly identified drilling areas, said Steven Dixon, Chesapeake’s chief operating officer and vice president of operations and geosciences.

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Chesapeake Puts Niobrara Assets on the Block

The area includes both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, and last year Chesapeake sold acreage there to China’s Cnooc Ltd. (CEO, 0883.HK). The sale will not impact the company’s joint venture with CNOOC because all Niobrara drilling has been refocused into the Powder River area of the play.

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WPX Energy Sets Safety Mark in
Powder River Basin

Over the past nine years, WPX employees around Gillette have worked 2.1 million hours and driven 16.2 million miles without incurring a work-related injury that causes an employee to miss work. It is welcome news for an oil and gas industry in Wyoming that has seen too many accidents in recent years,

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Wyoming Coal to Asia Plan

A company is proposing to build a $600 million terminal in southwest Washington to export 44 million metric tons of Powder River Basin coal to Asia each year, a total that would make it the largest such facility in North America.

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Powder River Basin Coal to Ship From Gulf Coast

St. Louis-based Arch Coal, owner of a number of Powder River Basin coal mines, signed a deal with Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP to ship coal from the company’s mines to customers in Europe and elsewhere from the Gulf Coast

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