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Study: Natural Gas Drilling Emits Less Methane Than Previously Estimated

A new, comprehensive study by the University of Texas, showing methane emissions from natural gas drilling are a fraction of estimates from just a few years ago, vouches for industry efforts to reduce methane emissions, suggests existing regulation is working and that an additional regulatory layer isn’t needed.

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Bill Barrett Corp Adjusts Spending – More Oil, Less Gas

The energy company said last week it will reduce natural gas drilling activity this year in favor of increased oil development. The company cited lower prices as the reason, and is reducing its activity in natural gas by $120 million.

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Climate Pollution From Gas Drilling Overstated Says New Study

“Estimates are being used that are not supported by data, do not reflect current industry practice and would be unreliable to use as a base for decision-making,” Mary Barcella, the company’s director of North American natural gas, said in a news release.

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Report: Western Energy Production to Surpass Imports From Eight Energy-Producing Nations

By 2020 the West will produce more energy than the United States imports from Saudi Arabia and seven other oil-producing nations, but only if current and future government policies are changed.

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Abandoned Wells Pose Growing Problems

As many as 12 million holes have been drilled across the United States in search of oil and gas. Many were plugged after they dried up. But hundreds of thousands were simply abandoned and forgotten, often leaving no records of their existence.

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