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Linn Energy adds Wyoming BP Acreage
for $1 Billion

The Houston-based specialist in conventional production from mature gas and oil fields, said it would add acreage in the Jonah Field in Wyoming’s Green River Basin owned by BP America Production Company, a unit of BP PLC. It’s the independent producer’s second largest acquisition this year.

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Partnership to Put $380 Million in Encana’s
Jonah Field Gas Play

Houston-based Contango Oil and Gas Company is investing in the funding consortium that will target tight sandstone formations using shale gas completion technology. The Jonah field is the third-largest oil producing field in Wyoming and one of the largest single gas fields in the United States.

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Natural Gas Powered Drilling Rigs Improve Air Emissions and the Bottom line

It’s not perpetual motion, but maybe it’s a runner up. The natural gas experts at Encana, along with the engineers from Ensign Energy Services, have developed a new method of running their natural gas drilling rigs on… natural gas.

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Wyoming Still Has an Ozone Problem

Delaying the implementation of a new ozone standard until 2013 may actually put more pressure on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to move forward with a recommended “non-attainment” designation for all of Sublette and parts of Sweetwater and Fremont counties due to the ongoing ozone problem.

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Encana Plans to Develop Massive New Gas Field

The largest natural gas producer in Wyoming is planning to develop the Moneta Divide field, with production beginning three to four years from now. It could eventually exceed the Jonah Field in Western Wyoming, according to a company spokesperson.

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With ‘Wild Lands’ Canceled, Oil Still Spills
in Wyoming

Which is more politically motivated: Congress or the Interior department? The answer to that question depends on whether your party holds sway in the White House or in Congress.

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Encana Joining Voluntary Fracking Database

Encana coming on board will help the momentum of the new online resource, which industry representatives say will gather steam as more companies join the national database and provide specific well information.

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Encana Proposes Up to 3,500 New Wells
Near Jonah Field

If approved, the massive project could more than double the number of natural gas wells in western Wyoming’s most prolific fields. The Bureau of Land Management began taking initial public comments on the project this week.

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Oil & Gas Deals Impacting Wyoming

The latest news shows a healthy appetite for joint ventures and asset expansion, as well as a robust confidence in the growing role of natural gas for power generation. One deal involves purchase of active oil fields held by a Nevada corporation that recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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