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Latest Wyoming BLM Auction Generates $8.7 Million

66 parcels totaling about 85,000 acres were offered at the auction earlier this week, with the highest bid per acre a t$3,500 for a parcel that leased for $1.4 million.

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Speed Up Permitting Process for Public Lands Urges Leading Oil and Gas Trade Group

The president and CEO at the American Petroleum Institute said the “shale revolution” is providing jobs and energy security to the United States. Instead of regulating the process, Washington should make it easier for energy companies to move forward.

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Interior Floats New Draft Rules to
Regulate ‘Fracking’

The plan from Interior’s Bureau of Land Management also contains requirements on oil-and-gas well integrity to verify that fluids from the fracking process aren’t escaping into nearby water supplies, and requirements for management of large volumes of so-called flowback water.

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Regional News — BLM Plan for Northwest Colorado has Critics

Representatives of the oil and gas industry say it places way too much land off limits for energy development; while environmentalists lament 90 percent of the resource area that will be opened to oil and gas drilling.

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Judge Rules in Favor of Western Watersheds Project, Against BLM

Bureau of Land Management officials are wondering what’s next after a district court judge in Idaho last week ruled in favor of Western Watersheds Project in its lawsuit against the BLM and 16 of its resource management plans in Wyoming and five other Western states.

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Energy Industry Appeals BLM Lease Ruling
Despite ‘Partial Victory’

Western Energy Alliance said the Judge’s ruling didn’t do enough to force the Bureau of Land Management to properly follow the Mineral Leasing Act when leasing parcels for oil and gas development.

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September Perspective –
Monopoly Energy or Energy Democracy?

Its been a discouraging year. I found myself confronted with the hard truth that we local, distributed clean energy advocates, climate and anti-frack/fossil fuel activists, and regular folks who just want affordable energy that doesn’t wreck the environment, are losing. No, it’s worse than that.

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Western Lawmakers Question Federal Leasing Reforms
for Oil and Gas

Wyoming’s Senators Michael Enzi and John Barrasso signed the letter, which seeks clarification of a process for leasing federal land, and say the master leasing plan process adds unnecessary layers to a process already to a process that is already very thorough and public.

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Judge Affirms Interior’s Right To Reject Federal Oil and Gas Leases Due to Enviromental Impacts

Robin Cooley, the Earthjustice attorney for the conservation groups that intervened in the Utah and Wyoming case, said Wednesday’s decision is actually a win-win for both the industry and the environmental community.

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Royalty Rate for Energy Leasing on Public Lands May Go Up

“We don’t see any reason why the state shouldn’t be getting what private landowners can get. We’ve heard of private landowners getting more than 20 percent. So, why should we, the people of Wyoming, settle for less?,” asks Dan Neal, executive director of the Equality State Policy Center.

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Commissioners Warn of ‘War on the West’ in Meetings on BLM Plan

With the public comment process open, county commissioners and energy industry reps from across the basin have launched a series of public meetings to take place in advance of BLM’s slate of public meetings.

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Lawmakers Call for More Solar on BLM Lands

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman, Doug Lamborn a Republican from Colorado, expressed frustration with the utilization of federal land in the West for new energy development. “Only a tiny fraction of public land is even being considered for this use, and almost nothing has actually been made available.”

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Latest Oil and Gas Lease Sale Nets Nearly $1 Million

$998,089 in leasing rights and rental fees were generated this week at the BLM’s quarterly oil and gas lease auction held in Cheyenne. Nearly half of the receipts go to the State of Wyoming. A total of 13,821 acres in 13 parcels were sold.

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Feds Plan Broad-Based Panel to Examine
Fracking Risks

The subcommittee will work to identify, within 90 days, any immediate steps that can be taken to improve the safety and environmental performance of fracking, and to develop, within six months, recommendations on practices for shale extraction to ensure the protection of public health and the environment.

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