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Obama Urges Creation of Energy Security Trust

He said the only way to “break this cycle of spiking gas prices for good” is to find alternative sources of energy for vehicles. “We went through another spike in gas prices, just like last year, and the year before that. It happens every year. It’s a serious blow to your budget—like getting hit with a new tax coming right out of your pocket.”

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Obama Administration Delays Hydraulic Fracturing Rule

The decision to replace last year’s proposal with an entirely new draft rule — and take public comment on the initiative — forces a major delay in the final regulations, which are set to be the first major federal rules governing the hydraulic fracturing process key to unlocking oil and gas nationwide.

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Feds Approve Massive Wyoming Wind Projects

The Bureau of Land Management authorized site-specific environmental analysis to begin at the Chokecherry and Sierra Madre projects in southeastern Wyoming, according to a statement released on Monday. As we’ve reported in Wyoming Energy News, The Power Company of Wyoming, LLC, will develop and operate as many as 1,000 turbines on about 220,000 acres.

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Assessing New Energy Development on Wildlife

A new report by Joseph Northrup and George Wittemyer of Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources summarizes current knowledge on energy production’s impacts on wildlife and related mitigation strategies, and highlights gaps in umderstanding the repercussions of alterations to ecosystems.

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Groups File Protests Of Interior Solar Plan

Few such protests in and of themselves induce an agency to change course on a project, but they do bolster the protestors’ case should they decide to file suit over the project once the Secretary issues a formal Record of Decision.

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Gardner, Colorado Republicans Push
Energy Legislation

H.R. 4480, called the Strategic Energy Production Act of 2012,
is a package of domestic energy production legislation aimed
at reducing energy costs and fueling economic growth and job creation, according to a news release from Gardner’s office.

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WEA Study Cites Lost Benefits From Delayed Utah, Wyoming Projects

Outstanding projects delayed for more than three years in the two states represent 22,835 proposed wells, or about 1,631 wells/year, the study said. “Federal government delays to these projects are preventing the creation of 64,805 jobs,
$4.3 billion in wages, and $14.9 billion in economic impact every year,” it said.

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Congressional Trio: Big Government Holding Up American Energy Production

H.R. 4381, Planning for American Energy Act would require the Secretary of the Interior to develop a strategic plan every four years … and that plan would have to include oil, natural gas, coal, wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, oil shale, and minerals necessary for energy development.

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Interior Official Defends Drilling Program Amid Federal Lands Production Dip

A top Interior Department official is rebutting GOP allegations that the agency is throttling oil-and-gas development, calling the recent dip in oil production from federal lands the result of industry decisions, not a lack of permits or leases.

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BLM Rejects Biggest State Coal Bid in Years

Saying the bid was below the reserves’ estimated fair market value, the agency nixed the offer from a subsidiary of St. Louis-based Peabody Energy Corp. of $362 million for slightly more than 400 million tons of Powder River Basin coal reserves.

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BLM approves Chevron’s Expansion Plan in Western Wyoming

The BLM said it authorized Chevron to expand Table Rock Field 40 miles east of Rock Springs. The plan calls for 33 shallow new oil wells and 20 deep gas wells, and as many as 35 water injection wells. Chevron also got approval to convert 18 existing wells to water injection wells.

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Feds Study Views, Best Locations For Wyoming Wind Farms and Power Lines

The view impact study is one of several studies under way by the BLM. Others will examine the best place, from a land-use perspective, to locate wind farms.

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Renewable Projects Under Pressure From Feds and Environmental Groups

The BLM is removing some of the cheapest and best land for renewable energy projects from the market. What’s more, it drives up the price of the more scarce, available land, making the already thin margins on renewable energy projects even more precarious.

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BLM Approves Energy Development in Wyoming’s Fortification Creek

The BLM said it denied a landowner group’s protest and would stick to a final plan released in March that will eventually allow energy development in the area, something that hasn’t happened since 2005, said Thomas Bills, environmental coordinator with the agency.

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