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High Plains Gas Presents Plans to Restart CBM Wells in Powder River Basin

A number of idle coalbed methane (CBM) wells in the Powder River Basin could be restarted as parts of plans drawn up by High Plains Gas. The Sheridan-based CBM company has presented Wyoming state officials with plans to reactivate the idle CBM wells.

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WYOGCC Approves Microbes Process to Convert Coal into Methane in Wyoming

A novel technique for extracting methane from hard to reach coal deposits is set to be applied at a project site in Wyoming. Technology from Ciris Energy, which focuses on the microbial bioconversion of carbon has been approved by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality for deployment

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Oil and Gas Help Drive State Economy

State economist Jim Robinson points to the modest rebound in natural gas prices and the increased number of oil and gas drilling permit applications as a jobs creator. Wyoming’s oil and gas industry currently provides 17,100 jobs, 400 more jobs than in May 2013.

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Wyoming’s Largest Railroads Shipped More Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Gasoline in 2013

Much of the oil, natural gas and gasoline traveling by train in Wyoming was hauled by the Union Pacific, and the vast majority originated outside the state.

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As The Energy Boom Goes Urban, Wyoming Now Faces Many Of Colorado’s Challenges

Although Wyoming has a long history with oil and gas, it’s almost always been in rural areas. A boom in Laramie County would change that and some say the state is ill-prepared to deal with the issues that arise when communities bump up against drilling.

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Arkose–Cantex Acquires Interest in Wyoming Oilfield

Cantex Energy Corp. announced today that it has entered a Letter of Intent to acquire a 60% Working Interest in the ESPY oil and gas field in Carbon County Wyoming from Thorofare Resources Inc.

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Wyoming to Test for Same Groundwater Pollutants in Pavillion

State officials said Thursday that they intend to test the Pavillion area’s groundwater for nearly all the potential pollutants examined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in its study of the region’s water supplies.

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Public Meetings Set for Massive Converse Oil
and Gas County Project

The project consists of drilling up to 5,000 new oil and gas wells on 1,500 well pads over a 10-year period. The BLM is preparing an environmental impact statement to analyze the impacts associated with the project.

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Feds Reviewing Plan for 5,000 New Wyoming Oil, Gas Wells

The Bureau of Land Management published a formal notice in the Federal Register on Friday that energy companies want to drill the wells over a 10-year period on more than 2,300 square miles in Converse County.

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Analyst Predicts World’s Next Shale Boom — and It’s Not China

The world’s next shale revolution likely will be in Australia, which appears to be the most attractive place for companies to pursue tight oil and gas, according to a Lux Research analysis released Tuesday.

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Feds Failed to Inspect Higher Risk Oil
and Gas Wells

Investigators said weak control by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management resulted from policies based
on outdated science and from incomplete monitoring data.

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U.S. Needs Sound Energy Policy to Secure Future Says Pol

Anticipated energy demand worldwide by 2050 will be such that industry will need to produce similar levels of oil and natural gas compared with today’s production levels, panelists told the Offshore Technology Conference last week.

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Baker Hughes Announcement Could Be Good News

Last week, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of fracking chemicals said it would fully disclose the ingredients of its products. But Wyoming’s top oil and gas regulator says until he sees more information from Baker Hughes.

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Changing the Rules: O&G Staff Considers Setbacks

The meeting and rule reviews had been initiated by former Oil and Gas supervisor Grant Black; however, Black left earlier this month in an administrative shake-up, and interim Oil and Gas supervisor Mark Watson said the initial focus would now primarily be on well setbacks.

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